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Thinking about joining an online dating site?

Over 50, divorced or widowed, and never dated online?

Not sure where to start or what to expect?

Not attracting the types of people you want to meet?

You’ve come to the right place

50+ Dating Profile Tips

For People 50+

How to write an awesome dating

profile that attracts people

you want to meet

Prepare for what to expect when you sign up

Organize and write a profile that attracts the people you want to meet

Avoid common mistakes that put you at a disadvantage

Improve your chances for online dating success

You’ll get 50+ tips to help you…

  • Write a better profile
  • Choose the right online dating site
  • Understand how the online dating process works
  • Prep before you even go online
  • Choose an online name and tagline
  • Handle sensitive issues
  • Take better photos
  • Outline, write, and edit written parts of your profile



You get 3 handy worksheets and a checklist to help you prepare

    • Personal Information Worksheet

    • “About Me” Essay Worksheet

    • OK Cupid Questions Worksheet

    • Essay Editing Checklist





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You’re probably wondering what makes me qualified to write about improving your dating profile.

Let me start by saying that I was a marketing consultant for 25 years. After my divorce, I spent two years dating women I met online until I met the woman who made me want to finally remove my profile.

In those two years, I probably read thousands of dating profiles.

So why am I writing this book?

I discovered that writing a profile is like marketing yourselfMost people need help marketing themselves. In online dating, writing a profile is how you do it!

And, why am I writing this book for people over 50? For the most part, they face different challenges than younger people. Many are empty-nesters. They’re experiencing physical life changes that can test their vanity. They’re generally more financially secure, they’re thinking about retirement, and or they’re looking at their older years with significant financial concerns.

Let’s not forget that many people over 50 who are trying online dating for the first time haven’t dated in years. Online dating may not have existed the last time they dated. Many people over 50 need help getting started!

Don’t leave your profile to chance!

For a fraction of the money you’ll spend online, with 50+ Dating Profile Tips for People 50+ you’ll get the only help you’ll need.

One popular dating site can cost you more than $40 per month. Here’s an example of what you’d pay for different pricing plans on this site for 2016.


Get the most for your money. Why gamble? Improve your odds by starting with a compelling profile.

Here’s what early readers say…

I just finished going through the book and I have to say you’ve pretty much covered it.

Glen T

Good read and yes, if I had known in advance some of the questions asked on sites I could have thought about them ahead of time…ANYWAY I LOVED THE BOOK

Marla S

Will you be prepared?

For a limited time, you’ll get 50+ tips to help you write a dynamite profile, plus downloadable worksheets and checklists to help you prepare and avoid surprises when you go online.

Now for Kindle…Just $2.99

Paperback…Just $5.99

Stop wasting your time! Don't waste your money! Start dating NOW!